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How to set up the Rebooter on iPhone

Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera
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if you connect the rebooter and don't see the light blinking, please refer to Reset the Rebooter to default settings


As a reminder, the rebooter should be set between the wall outlet and the modem and/or router.



For the initial setup, please keep the modem/router connected to the wall outlet and the rebooter on another outlet, as you will need the modem/router on to have internet access.

Please download the ConnectSense iPhone Appapple.jpg

Make sure you are connected to your modem/router on a 2.4GHz network and have your password ready just in case.

When you open the ConnectSense Application, you will get a welcome screen asking you to log in or sign up.



Once you click on the Log In or Sign Up button, you will be presented with a set of login options.


Please remember the method you used to log in to our app; mixing credentials may create a duplicate account.

If using the apple method, we suggest you use your real email as using a private one may be difficult to share credentials between family members.

Next, Click on the + Sign on the top right corner to add the desired device.



In this case, select the Rebooter


Once you choose it, you will get the following screen.

Make sure your device was properly reset and is blinking orange and blue.


The camera will open asking you to scan the QR code on the Rebooter


In this next step, you will choose your WiFi Network, and make sure it is a 2.4 GHz connection.

For easier setup, we suggest turning off your 5GHz WiFi and guest networks.


It will ask you to input your WiFi Password, once again making sure it is the closest WiFi signal to the Rebooter.



Once you enter the password for your device you will get these two messages:


The following three screens are for you to personalize your setup, changing names and rooms, on the top right you also have an option to skip if that is your choice.


Choosing the device you are using the rebooter is important for naming purposes also, it really does not affect the way the rebooter works.


 The last step is important as it enables the rebooter to work as intended by identifying the drop of internet service on your network.




Congratulations, your rebooter has been set up on your network.



We suggest naming the Rebooter differently as it is hard for some Assistants to recognize "REBOOTER" when spoken.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

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