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How To Setup Your ConnectSense Device With Google Assistant

Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera
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Most of our devices need our app to be set up correctly and to be controlled with our app.

In order to integrate them into your smart home ecosystem, you will need to have their app installed on your device first (Phone/Tablet/Laptop). Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Home¹

Once you have your Google Home app installed, remember to set up your smart speaker first.

This is a prerequisite for all the following steps. Home Control is disabled within the Google Home app unless you have a Google Home device

Tap the plus button on the top left-hand corner in the main section.


Which will bring you to the “Add and Manage” section Tap on Set up device.


Here you will be presented with two options “New Devices” and “Works with Google” choose the latter.


You will find a list of brands as options to choose from, on the top right corner, you can find a magnifying glass click on it and search for ConnectSense and tap it.


It will bring you to a login screen where you will need to input the same information you used on the ConnectSense App.


Remember the login method you used, if you signed in with a Google account, Amazon, Apple, or just used your username/password that should be the only method to sign into the ConnectSense app to set up your outlet.

Once you have successfully been logged in it will now show your devices. You can optionally assign them to rooms or rename them.


It will show the names you gave them in the ConnectSense app or default to generic names if you haven’t assigned custom names. You can now control them through your Google Home or Google Nest speaker.
An example command to use for the Internet Rebooter is "Hey Google, reboot the rebooter" ("rebooter" is the default name).

We suggest naming the Rebooter differently as it is hard for some Assistants to recognize "REBOOTER" when spoken.

Example commands to use for the In-Wall Outlet are "Hey Google, turn on outlet a" or "Hey Google, turn off outlet b" ("outlet a" and "outlet b" are the default names).


¹iPhone only and already pre-installed on iPhones

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