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Why is my ConnectSense Device Not Connecting?

Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera
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Things to know...

  • All ConnectSense products connect to 2.4GHz networks. Networks that are 2.4GHz or dual band are compatible
  • A network name is called an SSID and should require a password. ConnectSense devices do not connect to open networks (ones that don't require a password). 
  • Network must use WPA or WPA2 Personal security encryption. This helps ensure your network and connected devices are secure.

Steps to troubleshoot: 

Retry - Device Failed Setup 

  1. Reset the device as shown in the iOS or Android ConnectSense app. All of our products will reset by holding a button down for 10-15 seconds. 
  2. Confirm the unit's LED matches the instructions found in the app. When the LEDs match the instructions from the app, the device will broadcast a network (I.E - CS-IWO-XXXXXX for ConnectSense In-Wall Outlet) 
  3. Follow the steps closely as outlined in the app or check out our articles below: 

Reset the Rebooter to default settings

Reset the In EZ Mini Plug Lamp to Default Settings

Reset the In Wall Outlet to Default Settings


Update Wi-Fi Network 

Have any of your network settings changed? (SSID / Password) If so, update your Wi-Fi network. Reset the device and delete the device from the mobile app. Once you have cleared out all previous settings, reconnect the device to your Wi-Fi network by “+" found in the ConnectSense iOS and Android apps. Please be sure to enter your network password correctly — including uppercase, lowercase, and any other special characters — as the network credentials are case sensitive.


Check Network 

No recent network changes? Next, check your network. Are other connected devices offline? Restart your router. Unplug your router, wait for 15-30 seconds, and plug your router back in. Once you have done this make sure that other devices connect to your Wi-Fi network.


Router Firmware

Double check to see if your router firmware is up to date. If you purchased your router through your internet service provider (ISP), please contact your internet service provider's technical support to confirm that all firmware is up to date. If you purchased your router yourself, refer to the manufacturer's technical support documentation and resources for instructions to update.


Unplug / Power Cycle Your Device

Try manually power cycling your ConnectSense product. Be sure the unit reboots. A power cycle will force the unit to reconnect to the network upon boot up. For the IWO, tap the middle section (between the power icons) three times and hold for 5 seconds. Once you see a green light, let go and the device will reboot. 


Troubleshoot / Strengthen Wi-Fi Signal

Check for any sort of wireless interference that could be interrupting the router's communicating with the controller, or any other device in your house for that matter. The biggest contributor to connectivity issues, s often the placement of your ConnectSense device in relation to your router. Materials in your home can interfere with the connection between your router and your controller, resulting in intermittent connectivity or unexpected disconnections. Here is a list of materials related to their interference.






Very High















If there are any materials that could be causing interference, you may want to consider moving your router to a new location. This doesn't mean that you have to move the router to a completely different room or location in your house; sometimes moving the router to a different location within the same room will help. Consider moving the router out from underneath/behind a desk or cabinet.


Boost your Wi-Fi Signal 

Another option is to purchase a Wi-Fi extender or booster. An extender, or booster, will provide a device that was out of range of the router, or that had a poor signal strength, a stronger one. Router and modem manufacturers have also developed what are called, Wi-Fi mesh systems. These systems duplicate your Wi-Fi signal by using several Access Points. 


Wi-Fi Mesh Systems

These systems are very useful when using Wi-Fi connected devices. The trick here is that you want to make sure your modem has been setup in bridge mode. To verify this, reach out to your internet service provider (ISP). ISPs should know what you are looking to do. If you have any questions, please reach out! 






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