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How does the automatic Intelligent Reboot work?

Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera
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This article dives into the details of how the Internet Rebooter's Intelligent Reboot feature works.

Timing Settings


The Detection Time is the amount of time, in minutes, your Internet connection should appear down before considering it an outage. The default value is 2 minutes, but you can adjust it between 2 and 10 minutes. If your router or modem takes a little longer to boot and initialize, increasing this parameter may help.

The Reboot Delay is an additional amount of time to wait before the Rebooter will cycle the power. The default value depends on the device type you selected on the Rebooter, but you can adjust it between 0 and 10 minutes. This parameter can be useful when you have multiple Rebooters on your network, and you want to synchronize the timing of power cycling different types of devices.

Device Type Presets

When you first set up a Rebooter, the ConnectSense app will prompt you to select the type of device you're connecting to the Rebooter. These options result in different Reboot Delay presets. This allows you to have a Rebooter connected to a modem and ensure that it power cycles before another Rebooter power cycles your router. The additional reboot delay gives the modem time to get back up and running before rebooting the router.

This table shows the default Reboot Delay for each device type, but you can manually configure and override the Detection Time and Reboot Delay presets in the app.

Device Type Reboot Delay Preset
Modem 0 minutes
Router 4 minutes
Combination Modem/Router 0 minutes
Other 0 minutes

Outage Detection Logic

So how does the Rebooter determine if there's an outage?

  • Every 30 seconds, the Rebooter pings the following five globally accessible websites, in order:
  • If all five do not succeed, then we start a timer. This timer is a combination of your Detection Time plus your Reboot Delay. It can range between 2 and 20 minutes, depending on your settings. During this time, the Rebooter continues to ping all five sites every 30 seconds.
  • If all continue to fail until the timer expires, the Rebooter cycles the power to your connected router or device (turning it off for 5 seconds then back on).
  • To give your router time to get back up and running, the Rebooter waits for 35 seconds after cycling the power before trying to join your network network again.
  • If at any time during this process, a ping to any of the five websites succeeds, we reset the timer and assume there's no outage.

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